100+ Best GK Questions for Class 3 With Answers Latest

GK Questions for Class 3- At this age, children begin to notice new things around them and begin to ask questions of their parents, grandparents, instructors, and so on. Check out the basic gk questions for class 3 useful GK questions for kids of age 9-10 years.

GK Questions for Class 3
GK Questions for Class 3

100 GK Questions for Class 3 with Answer

Q1. The National Bird of India is ___.
Answer: Peacock

Q2. The National Animal of India is ___.
Answer: Tiger

Q3. The National Fruit of India is ___.
Answer: Mango

Q4. The National Tree of India is ___.
Answer: Banyan

Q5. The National Flower of India is ___.
Answer: Lotus

Q6. The National Anthem of India is___.
Answer: Jana Gana Mana

Q7. Jana-Gana-Mana was originally composed in
Answer: Bengali

Q8. The National Aquatic Animal of India is
Answer: Ganges River Dolphin

Q9. The National River of India is
Answer: Ganga

Q10. The National Currency of India is
Answer: Indian Rupee

GK Questions for class 3 in English

Q11. The National Reptile of India is
Answer: King Cobra

Q12. National Heritage Animal of India is
Answer: Elephant

Q13. National Vegetables of India is
Answer: Pumpkin

Q14. Which of these is widely considered the National Game of India
Answer: Cricket

Q15. The National Calendar of India is
Answer: Saka Calendar

Q16. What is the name of our national flag in India?
Answer: Tricolour (Tiranga)

Q17. What is the ratio of the width of our national flag to its length?
Answer: 2:3

Q18. National Song of India was written by
Answer: Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

Q19. How many Asiatic Lions are there in the State Emblem of India?
Answer: 4

Q20. The National Song of India is
Answer: Vande Mataram

History of India GK Questions for Class 3

Q21. From the wood of which plant, the cricket bats are made?
Answer: Willow

Q22. Tiny leaves of which plant float on the surface of the water?
Answer: Duckweed

Q23. Which bird’s beak is very hard, as it spends most of its time boring holes in Trees?
Answer: Woodpecker

Q24. Which bird’s beak is fitted with a pouch? It uses it like a fishing net to catch fish in bulk.
Answer: Pelican

Q25. The biggest flower in the world is
Answer: Rafflesia

Q26. Which is known as the brain of the Computer.
Answer: CPU

Q27. The parts of a computer that can be touched and seen are called… Answer: Hardware

Q28. Which plant can store approx 1000 liters of water in its trunk?
Answer: Baobab

Q29. Which is the tallest building on the earth?
Answer: Burj Khalifa

Q30. Which is the largest country by area?
Answer: Russia

Q31. In Which country Eiffel Tower located?
Answer: France

Q32. Who invented the light bulb?
Answer: Thomas Alva Edison

Q33. Who discovered zero?
Answer: Aryabhatta

Q34. Which is the largest river in the world?
Answer: Nile River

Q35. Which country is known as the land of the white elephant?
Answer: Thailand

Q36. Which is the highest mountain in The World?
Answer: Mount Everest

Q37. The largest state of India by area is.
Answer: Rajasthan

Q38. What is the currency of Bangladesh?
Answer: Taka

Q39. What is the currency of the USA?
Answer: Dollar

Q40. Which animal have eight limbs and blood is blue?
Answer: Octopus

Basic GK Questions for Class 3

Q41. The largest living Reptile in the World
Answer: Crocodile

Q42. Who discovered India?
Answer: Vasco Da Gama

Q43. Which place in India is known as the Lord of the Rising Sun?
Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

Q44. Which state is also known as the’ Fruit Bowl’ of India?
Answer: Himachal Pradesh

Q45. What did Martin Cooper invent?
Answer: Mobile Phone

Q46. Name the folk dance of Andhra Pradesh
Answer: Kuchipudi

Q47. When is International mother language day celebrated?
Answer: 21 February

Q48. Name the national bird of the United States of America.
Answer: Bald Eagle

Q49. When was the first passenger train run in India?
Answer: 1853

Q50. Who was the first Miss World from India?
Answer: Rita Faria

Q51. Which is the highest rank of the Indian Army?
Answer: Field Marshal

Q52. What is the time taken by sunlight to reach Earth?
Answer: 8 Minutes 16 Seconds

Q53. Which state has taken up Sanskrit as an official language?
Answer: Uttarakhand

Q54. Name the first 3 planets in our solar system.
Answer: Mercury, Venus, and Earth

Q55. Who is known as the ” Father of the White Revolution ” In India?
Answer: Verghese Kurien

Q56. What is the full form of IAS?
Answer: Indian Administrative Service

Q57. What is the full form of IPS?
Answer: Indian Police Service

Q58. What is the full form of IFS?
Answer: Indian Foreign Service

Q59. What is the full form of the IRS?
Answer: Indian Revenue Service

Q60. What is the full form of DM?
Answer: District Magistrate

GK Questions for Class 3 Science

Q61. From which plant is sugar obtained?
Answer: Sugarcane

Q62. Which plant is helpful in manufacturing the Canvas?
Answer: Hemp

Q63. From which spice tree do we get Camphor?
Answer: Cinnamon

Q64. Which plant grows faster than any other plant; nearly a meter in a day?
Answer: Bamboo

Q65. Which plant is cultivated the most in Darjeeling?
Answer: Tea

Q66. What is the name of the biggest seed?
Answer: Coco-De-Mer

Q67. Which plant gives us turpentine oil?
Answer: Pine

Q68. Which is the place where saplings are grown to sell?
Answer: Nursery

Q68. A group of sheep is called?
Answer: Flock

Q69. A group of cattle is called?
Answer: Herd

Q70. A group of bees is called?
Answer: Swarn

Q71. A group of pups is called?
Answer: Litter

Q72. A group of fish called?
Answer: Shoal

Q73. A group of wolves is called?
Answer: Pack

Q74. A group of lions is called?
Answer: Pride

Q75. A group of birdies called?
Answer: Brood

Q76. Animals that live in water are called?
Answer: Aquatic Animals

Q77. Animals found in lakes, rivers, ponds, and oceans are called?
Answer: Aquatic Animals

Q78. Which reptile drops off its tail when anyone tries to catch it?
Answer: Lizard

Q79. Which reptile lays its eggs in the warm sand?
Answer: Alligator

Q80. Which reptile changes its skin color to match its surroundings to protect itself?
Answer: Chameleon

GK Questions for Class 3 with Answers in English

Q81. Who is the author of the book “Panchtantra”?
Answer: Vishnu Sharma

Q82. Who is the author of the book “The Jungle Book”?
Answer: Rudyard Kipling

Q83. Who is the author of the book “Ramayana”?
Answer: Valmiki

Q84. Who is the author of the book “Geetanjali”?
Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

Q85. Who is the author of the book “Gulliver’s Travel”?
Answer: Jonathan Swift

Q86. Who is the author of the book “The Night Watchman”?
Answer: Louise Erdrich

Q87. Who is the author of the book “Discovery of India”?
Answer: Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

Q88. Who is the author of the book “The Adventures of Tom Swayer”?
Answer: Mark Twain

Q89. Who is the author of the book “Hamnet”?
Maggie O’Farrell

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Facts About Plants – GK Questions for Class 3 in English:-

👉We see that there is a new layer of wood around the tree every year. We can know the age of a tree by cutting its trunk and counting its ring 🪵. One ring means 1 year, 5 rings means 5 years, and so on.

👉 Plants are of different sizes. They are often divided into 4 categories on the basis of their hard stems – Herbs(Mint), Shrubs(Rose), Creepers(Peas), and trees(Mango)

Image Credit to WorldAtlas

👉 Rafflesia Arnoldi is the biggest flower in the world. Its smell is very bad hence it is called the “Stinking Giant”. Its weight is around 7 to 11 kg. And its size is approx 4 feet.

👉 Bamboo 🎍 is the tallest grass.

👉 Cactus 🌵 plant can store water in its thick stem hence it can survive for a long time without water.

👉 Coffee ☕ is made from the roasted seeds of the coffee bush.

👉 “Giant Sequoia” is the tallest living tree. It is also called “German Sherman”. These trees can grow over 250 feet and weigh more than 2000 tons.

Facts About Animals | Basic GK Questions for Class 3

👉 Snakes🪱 have no legs. Snakes move zig-zag with the help of the scales underside their body.

👉 The elephant 🐘 has no knees. So they cannot jump.

👉 Turtle 🐢 has no teeth.

👉 Termites live longer than any other insect.

👉 Camel🐪 runs faster than any other animal in the desert. That is why it is called the “Ship of the Desert”.

👉 Cuckoo (Koel) is the only bird 🐦 which never builds its nest. It lays its eggs in the crow’s nest.

👉The animals that can live both in water and on land are called Amphibians. Such as Tortoises.

👉Chameleons change their skin color to match their surroundings to protect themselves from enemies. Some special color pigments present in their skin help them to do so.

👉A woodpecker’s beak is very hard, as it spends most of its time boarding holes in trees.

👉The eagle’s 🦅 beak is sharp and hooked so that it can tear the flesh of its prey easily.

👉A pelican’s beak is fitted with a pouch. It uses it like a fishing net to catch fish in bulk.


List of GK Questions for Class 3 with answers

Which is the tallest building on Earth? How many floors does it have and where is it located?

The Tallest building on Earth is the Burj Khalifa. It has a height of 829.8 m (around half a mile). It has 57 lifts/ elevators. The top floor sits at a height of 585.4 m and there’s an observatory at an height of 555.7m. It has 154 floors + 9 for maintenance for a total of 163 floors.
The Burj Khalifa which is located in Dubai, UAE will soon be surpassed by Jeddah Tower, Saudi Arabia. Its height is expected to reach 1km (0.621 miles).

What are the abbreviations?

When we write a word or expression in a short form, it is called an Abbreviation.

Few of the abbreviations (Full form) | GK Questions for Class 3 :

  1. LIC – Life Insurance Corporation
  2. ATM – Automated Teller Machine
  3. VIP – Very Important Person
  4. GPO – General Post Office
  5. GPO – Group Policy Object (In Microsoft)
  6. BSF – Border Security Force
  7. CBI – Central Bureau of Investigation
  8. RBI – Reserve Bank of India
  9. NCC- National Cadet Core
  10. IPS – Indian Police Service
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