Best Collection GK Questions for Class 3

GK Questions for Class 3- In this age, children begin to notice new things around them and begin to ask Questions of their parents, grandparents, instructors, and so on. Check out the simplest yet useful GK questions for kids of age 9-10 years.

GK Questions for Class 3
GK Questions for Class 3

GK Questions for Class 3 with Answers

Q1. The national bird of India is ___.
[a]. Parrot
[b]. Pigeon.
[c]. Sparrow
[d]. Peacock

Correct Answer: [d]. Peacock

Q2. The national animal of India is ___.
[a] Tiger
[b]. Elephant
[c]. Cow
[d]. Lion

Correct Answer: [a] Tiger

Q3. The National Fruit of India is ___.
[a]. Guava
[b]. Apple
[c]. Mango
[d]. Pineapple

Correct Answer: [c]. Mango

Q4. The National Tree of India is ___.
[a]. Banyan
[b]. Ashoka
[c]. Eucalyptus
[d]. Neem

Correct Answer: [a]. Banyan

Q5. The National flower of India is ___.
[a]. Rose
[b]. Lotus
[c]. Lily
[d]. Jasmine

Correct Answer:[b]. Lotus

Q6. National Anthem of India is___.
[a]. Jana-Gana-Mana
[b]. Vande Mataram
[c]. Saare Jahaan Se Accha
[d]. Maa Tujhe Salaam

Correct Answer:[a]. Jana-Gana-Mana

Q7. Jana-Gana-Mana was originally composed in
[a]. Gujarati
[b]. Hindi
[c]. Bengali
[d]. Marathi

Correct Answer [c]. Bengali

Q8. National aquatic animal of India is
[a]. Ganges River Dolphin
[b]. Blue Whale
[c]. Shark
[d]. Octopus

Correct Answer: [a]. Ganges River Dolphin

Q9. National River of India is
[a]. Brahmaputra
[b]. Chenab
[c]. Ganga
[d]. Narmada

Correct Answer: [c]. Ganga

Q10. National Currency of India is
[a]. Dollar
[b]. Indian Rupee
[c]. Euro
[d]. Yen

Correct Answer: [b]. Indian Rupee

Q11. National Reptile of India is
[a]. Anaconda
[b]. Viper
[c]. Python
[d]. King Cobra

Correct Answer: [d]. King Cobra

Q12. National Heritage Animal of India is
[a]. Asiatic Lion
[b]. Elephant
[c]. Chimpanzee
[d]. Asiatic Black Bear

Correct Answer: [b]. Elephant

Q13. National Vegetable of India is
[a]. Pumpkin
[b]. Bitter Gourd
[c]. Potato
[d]. Tomato

Correct Answer: [a]. Pumpkin

Q14. Which of these is widely considered as the National Game of India
[a]. Cricket
[b]. Hockey
[c]. Basketball
[d]. Kabaddi

Correct Answer: [a]. Cricket

Q15. National Calendar of India is
[a]. Gregorian Calendar
[b]. Vikram Samvat Calendar
[c]. Hindu Calendar
[d]. Saka Calendar

Correct Answer: [d]. Saka Calendar

Q16. What is the name of our national flag in India?
[a]. Tricolour (Tiranga)
[b]. Flag
[c]. Duocolour
[d]. Pentacolour

Correct Answer: [a]. Tricolour (Tiranga)

Q17. What is the ratio of width of our national flag to its length?
[a]. 1:2
[b]. 2:3
[c]. 3:4
[d]. 1:4

Correct Answer: [b]. 2:3

Q18. National Song of India was written by
[a]. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay
[b]. Rabindranath Tagore
[c]. Muhammad Iqbal
[d]. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

Correct Answer: [a]. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

Q19. How many Asiatic Lions are there in the State Emblem of India?
[a]. 3
[b]. 4
[c]. 5
[d]. 2

Correct Answer: [b]. 4

Q20. National Song of India is__.
[a]. Jana-Gana-Mana
[b]. Vande Mataram
[c]. Saare Jahaan se Accha
[d]. Maa Tujhe Salaam

Correct Answer: [b]. Vande Mataram

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