Best Collection GK Questions for Class 5

Q1. The tallest tree in the world which found in North America is ____

[a]. Giant Red Wood (Hyperion) [b]. Menara [c]. Centurion [d]. Doerner Fir
Correct Answer: [a]. Giant Red Wood (Hyperion)

Q2. A vegetable of purple colour called eggplant of America is ___

[a]. Plum [b]. Fig [c]. Brinjal [d]. Prune
Correct Answer:[c]. Brinjal

Q3. Which plant is the source of antibiotic penicillin?

[a]. Mint [b]. Cinchona [c]. Garlic [d]. Aloe vera
Correct Answer:[b]. Cinchona

Q4. Which one is not an application software?

[a]. Word Processing Software [b]. Operating System [c]. Presentation Software [d]. Spreadsheet Software
Correct Answer:[b]. Operating System

Q5. Who developed John Napier’s Bone Device?

[a]. Charles Babbage [b]. Blaise Pascal [c]. Wilhelm Schickard [d]. John Napier
Correct Answer:[d]. John Napier

Q.6 What thing of wood is used to make paper?

[a]. Pulp [b]. Leaf [c]. Bud [d]. Seed
Correct Answer:[a]. Pulp

Q.7 From which plant we get quinone?

[a]. Peepal [b]. Tulsi [c]. Cinchona [d]. Neem
Correct Answer:[c]. Cinchona

Q.8 Which herb 🌿 is known for its special healing qualities?

[a]. Grass [b]. Aloe Vera [c]. Mint [d]. Sage
Correct Answer:[d]. Sage

Q.9 Which is used as medicine to treat cough and cold?

[a]. Garlic [b]. Tulsi [c]. Sage [d]. Mint
Correct Answer:[b]. Tulsi

Q.10 Which plant is considered sacred by the Hindus?

[a]. Tulsi [b]. Aloe Vera [c]. Neem [d]. Sunflower
Correct Answer:[a]. Tulsi

Q.11 We use flower to make oils and ……..?

[a]. Soap [b]. Rubber [c]. Perfumes [d]. None of these
Correct Answer:[c]. Perfumes

Q.12 With the help of which plant we make clothes?

[a]. Cotton [b]. Cinchona [c]. Mushroom [d]. None of these
Correct Answer:[a]. Cotton

Q.13 Which leaves help us to get rid of stomach disorder?

[a]. Aloe Vera [b]. Fenugreek [c]. Mint [d]. Tulsi
Correct Answer:[c]. Mint

Q.14 Which plant’s wood is used to make cricket bats?

[a]. Neem [b]. Willow [c]. Peepal [d]. Mango
Correct Answer:[b]. Willow

Q.15 Herb which is of yellow colour commonly used in our kitchen. It have antiseptic properties.

[a]. Turmeric [b]. Ginger [c]. Sunflower [d]. None of these
Correct Answer:[a]. Turmeric

Q.16 The juice of which plant’s leaves is used to make cosmetic products such as lotions, creams and shampoos?

[a]. Cinchona [b]. Aloe Vera [c]. Fenugreek [d]. Sage
Correct Answer:[b]. Aloe Vera

Q.17 Which plant having religious value in India and is used to treat many diseases such as gas, dysentery and nausea?

[a]. Peepal [b]. Banyan [c]. Tulsi [d]. Neem
Correct Answer:[c]. Tulsi

Q.18 Herb which seeds are used to get relief from intestinal gas and is also used as spice in a curry?

[a]. Fenugreek [b]. Sunflower [c]. Tulsi [d]. Bay leaves
Correct Answer:[a]. Fenugreek

Q.19 Which plant is used to get sugar?

[a]. Wheat [b]. Sugarcane [c]. Bamboo [d]. None of these
Correct Answer:[b]. Sugarcane

Q.20 A plant which grows on other tree and absorb food and water from the host tree is called?

[a]. Ridge gourd [b]. Peas [c]. Cuscuta [d]. None of these
Correct Answer:[c]. Cuscuta

Q.21 Vegitable looks like the finger of a lady, starts with the letter ‘O’ is ……

[a]. Okra [b]. Bringal [c]. Peas [d]. Ridge gourd
Correct Answer:[a]. Okra

Q.22 Process of preparing food of a plant is called……..

[a]. Chlorophyll [b]. Photosynthesis [c]. Oxydation [d]. None of these
Correct Answer:[b]. Photosynthesis

Q.23 It is a small furry animal with a long tail and big eyes. It is active at night.

[a]. Lemur [b]. Kiwi [c]. Squid [d]. None of these
Correct Answer:[a]. Lemur

Q.24 Which is a flightless bird found in New Zealand?

[a]. Ostrich [b]. Cock [c]. Kiwi [d]. Penguin
Correct Answer:[c]. Kiwi

Q.25 Which animal is called mountain lion? It is found in North and South America.

[a]. Puma [b]. Tiger [c]. Lemur [d]. None of these
Correct Answer:[a]. Puma

Q.26 Which is the animal whose body is covered with bony plates and it is found in North and South America?

[a]. Porcupine [b]. Lemur [c]. Puma [d]. Armadillo
Correct Answer:[d]. Armadillo

Q.27 Which snake is found in South Africa, it is one of the very large snacks in the world?

[a]. King Cobra [b]. Reticulated Python [c]. Anaconda [d]. Burmese Python
Correct Answer:[c]. Anaconda

Q.28 Which is the animal whose body is covered with the sharp spines, these spines protect it from predators?

[a]. Porcupine [b]. Kiwi [c] Armadillo [d]. Lemur
Correct Answer:[a]. Porcupine.

Q.29 Which is marine creature that can be turned and imitate voice too?

[a]. Sea horse [b]. Dolphin [c]. Turtle [d]. Whale
Correct Answer:[b]. Dolphin

Q.30 Which is a small creature with 8 legs and a long tail with a sting?

[a]. Mosquito [b]. Scorpion [c]. Caterpillar [d]. Grasshopper
Correct Answer:[b]. Scorpion.

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