Best Collection GK Questions for Class 5

Q1. The tallest tree in the world which found in North America is ____

[a]. Giant Red Wood (Hyperion)

[b]. Menara

[c]. Centurion

[d]. Doerner Fir

Correct Answer: [a]. Giant Red Wood (Hyperion)

Q2. A vegetable of purple colour called eggplant of America is ___

[a]. Plum

[b]. Fig

[c]. Brinjal

[d]. Prune

Correct Answer:[c]. Brinjal

Q3. Which plant is the source of antibiotic penicillin?

[a]. Mint

[b]. Cinchona

[c]. Garlic

[d]. Aloe vera

Correct Answer:[b]. Cinchona

Q4. Which one is not an application software?

[a]. Word Processing Software

[b]. Operating System

[c]. Presentation Software

[d]. Spreadsheet Software

Correct Answer:[b]. Operating System

Q5. Who developed John Napier’s Bone Device?

[a]. Charles Babbage

[b]. Blaise Pascal

[c]. Wilhelm Schickard

[d]. John Napier

Correct Answer:[d]. John Napier

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