Best Collection GK Questions for Class 2

Best Collection GK Questions for Class 2
Best Collection GK Questions for Class 2

GK Questions for Class 2- In this age, children begin to notice new things around them and begin to ask questions of their parents, grandparents, instructors, and so on. Check out the simplest yet useful GK questions for kids of age 8-10 years:

GK Questions for Class 2 | General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Kids: Class 2

Q.1. Name the densest jungle in the world?
Answer. The Amazon Rainforest

Q2. Which festival is called the Festival of Colours ?
Answer. Holi

Q3. What is the Isosceles triangle?
Answer. A triangle in which two sides have the same length or two sides are equal.

Q4. What type of gas is absorbed by plants?
Answer. Carbon Dioxide

Q5. How many days a February month has in the leap year?
Answer. 29 Days

Q6. Name the longest river on the Earth?
Answer. Nile

Q7. Name the smallest continent?
Answer. Australia

Q8. Which is the principal source of energy for the Earth?
Answer. Sun

Q9. Anti-clockwise is it from left or right?
Answer. Left

Q10. Name the planet nearest to the Earth?
Answer. Mercury

Q11. Which festival is known as the festival of light?
Answer. Diwali (Deepawali)

Q12. Name the place known as the Roof of the World?
Answer. Tibet

Q13. Who was the first Prime Minister of India?
Answer. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Q14. Who is the first woman prime minister of India?
Answer. Indira Gandhi

Q15. Who is the first citizen of India?
Answer. The President of India 

Q16. How many states are there in India?
Answer. 28 States

Q17. How many Union Territories are there in India?
Answer. 8 Union Territories

Q18. How many years are there in one Millenium?
Answer.1,000 Years

Q19. Name the first man to walk on the Moon?
Answer. Neil Armstrong

Q20. Name the Oceans of the World?
Answer. The Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, and the Southern (Antarctic) oceans.

Amazing GK Questions for Class 2

Q21. What is the cause of the Sun’s energy?
 Answer. Fusion of Hydrogen and Helium.
Q22. Which is the nearest planet to the Sun?
 Answer. Mercury.
Q23. How much time does the sunlight take to reach the Earth?
 Answer. 8 minutes 20 Seconds.

Q24. Name the planets in our solar system.
 Answer. Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, Mercury, Venus.
Q25. Which is the closest planet to earth?
 Answer. Venus.
Q26. Which is the farthest planet from earth?
 Answer. Neptune.
Q27. How many Moons does the earth have?
 Answer. One
Q28. Which planet has the most moons?
 Answer. Saturn
Q29. How many moons does Saturn have?
Answer. 82
Q30. Which is the largest moon in our solar system?
 Answer. Ganymede
Q31. How many layers are there in the earth’s atmosphere?
 Answer. Five.

Q32. What does the cow gives us?
Answer. Milk
Q33. Which is the largest bone in the human body?
 Answer. Femur
Q34. Which type of plant is a money plant?
 Answer. Climbers
Q35. What is the sound made by a frog?
 Answer. Croak croak
Q36. What is the name of the shortest bone in the human body?
 Answer. Stapes
Q37. How many layers are there in the atmosphere?
 Answer. 5
Q38. Who is the Father of Medicine?
 Answer. Acharya Charak

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